How to deal with a Breakup? How to stop thinking about it?

Deal with a breakup
  1. Write or talk about it:

    it’s very important to write or talk about your feelings with someone since a lot of things need to be said after your relationship. You need your closure and you might not always get it. One wishes to understand why things break off or don’t work, your brain goes through a lot and hence it’s best to talk it out.

    For this purpose you can make a journal or talk to a therapist, all of this will really help you clear out your mind.

  1. Do things you love:

    After all the sad bits, it’s best to invest in good things, things that you love doing. Indulge in a lot of self-care like pampering yourself, or taking yourself out on dates. It’s okay to spend some alone time, watching movies with yourself or just putting some makeup on, all counts as self-love.

  1. Spend time with your friends and family:

    A lot of times it happens that you lose your friends and family because of how much you involve yourself with your partner. Hence it is best to come back to old friends and spend time with them. It’s good to catch up with them and relive your best moments.

  1. Eat healthily:

    Eat healthilyAfter a breakup, your body goes into withdrawal mode and you end up feeling depressive and anxious. In these moments it is very important for you to eat healthily and take care of your body. Eat fruits and vegetables or whatever that keeps you happy. Eating healthy would also lead to an increase in serotonin in your body.

  1. Get active:

    It is said that the best way to move on from something is to get on to something else. You have a lot of anger and stress and you can put all that energy into exercising. Exercising will not only make you feel better but also more confident as an individual and will help you get your old self back.

  1. Get a hobby:

    at last, when one thing ends you should move on to another. Start working on other things like a hobby, when you will invest your time somewhere else you will start getting distracted and busy which will ease up the process of a breakup.

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Relationships are when two people have romantic feelings for each other and come together to form a beautiful bond. They are there for companionship and love. Relationships are a beautiful gift from God but unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t last forever. However we should remember that a breakup is not the end of the world, life still goes on.

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