How To Get Over A Breakup in 4 Easy Steps


Time heals every pain, but the pain of a breakup can last for so long. Breaking up is never palatable. Many record years of hurt and sadness over a breakup. Even if it is a breakup from a best friend, it usually takes time for breakup wounds to heal. No couple is immune to breakups; breakups and misunderstandings can happen to any relationship anytime. Even partners who use cam sites for couples to spice up the romance and passion in their relationships can end up having a bad separation.

It doesn’t matter who initiated the split; for every breakup, those involved will go through the five stages of grief. The denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance stage. These stages are the known natural ways your heart  usually goes through to heal. The time spent at each stage varies in different individuals, however it is certain that everyone going through a break up will go through any of these stages if not all.

The denial period is the first stage in a breakup. At this stage, your brain says that the news is unwanted. The good thing about the denial phase is that it gives your heart enough time to adjust to the news. Although at this stage, a part of your brain gives you a bit of hope that your partner may come back to you. However, reactions or behaviors in this stage are different in everyone.

The anger stage is expected and normal. Anger is directed at your former partner for causing you so much pain and at yourself for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. At this stage, you should avoid making sudden decisions you may regret later. You need to wait until you are less emotional before doing anything.

During the bargaining phase, you may find your brain helping you make plans towards restoring your relationship or rebuilding it as a friendship. This stage kind of delays your healing.

Depression and sadness is the fourth stage when going through a breakup. At this stage, you have already come to terms with the fact that your break is permanent. At this stage, you may need time for reflection and want to be alone.

In accepting, the final stage of grief after a breakup, you will find yourself bringing together everything that has happened, replaying it in your head, and acknowledging your faults. Probs making plans to avoid similar situations in the future. When you see all these signs and you’re interested in reviving the relationship, you and your partner can use cam sites for couples to spice up the romance and passion in your relationship.

Having gone through the stages of the aftermath of a breakup, how can you overcome the pain that comes with it? The time and what it takes to get over a breakup is different for different people. However, here are four general and easy steps to help you successfully get over a split from a loved one.

  • Restore your self-worth

A Breakup often affects your sense of self and your confidence. Especially if your partner initiated the breakup. This might  make you lose faith in your appearance l, skills, abilities and personality traits. To get over a breakup, you must rebuild and enhance your emotional strengths, skillsets, abilities, and other qualities that make you valuable in a relationship. You can ask your friends and loved ones to help you with this.

  • Change Your Environment

Changing your location or environment can help you transform your usual routine and go away from the places you used to always go to with your former partner. It will also help you overcome painful memories while replacing them with new ones.

  • Don’t try getting even or going after a rebound.

Rebounds or getting even may give you a temporary kind of relief. Still, once the fleeting feelings of gladness end, you may feel guilty and go through depression all over again. It is better if you willingly go down memory lane, realize you are hurt, know they aren’t coming back, go through the pain and get better. You also need to let go of the idea of closure.

Life is not a fairytale; you may discover that you find yourself wishing to get back together in the process of looking for closure. Hence the need to avoid pursuing this. At the same time, you should clean up your social media or anything that constantly reminds you of your time with your ex.

  • Focus on things that help you feel like an achiever

Doing things that make you stand out in the midst of many can quickly build your self-confidence and your life again. You can rediscover yourself and achieve more incredible things you thought were impossible. It becomes easier for you to pick up the pieces of your life and begin to make progress again. It is in doing what makes you unique, achieving goals, and fulfilling your purpose that you can move on, meet new people and be the best you can be.

Breakups can hurt, but the earlier anyone going through a breakup realizes they need to move on, the better for them. Developing self-compassion, encouraging yourself, pushing towards your dreams, and reigniting your passions that you probably pushed aside, can be a great way to move on from a breakup.

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