Red flags to see in a Therapist!

Red flags to see in a therapist
    1. They behave unethically: it is highly unethical if the relationship between a therapist and her patient that is meant to be professional turns into a romantic relationship due to how much they share with each other. The therapist shouldn’t develop any feelings for his patients and nor should the patient. Being unethical can also be financial wrongdoings or passing offensive comments.
    2. They ignore confidentiality and emergency protocol: It is very important that whatever you say to your therapist stays in a safe space meaning that it shouldn’t be disclosed or discussed with any other individual. For example: if a child is taking therapy and her therapist discloses the information to his parents, that is unacceptable behavior. Also, it is illegal to do
    3. You feel worse after your session with the Therapist, regularly:

      Red Flags in a Therapist!

      It may happen that you don’t love your therapist or feel uncomfortable with her. Therapists should always make you feel a step closer to healing and if that doesn’t happen then you should change your

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    4. They are a lousy listener: It may often happen that they don’t pay attention to the details or may forget it afterward. The most important thing in therapy is to actually listen, you are actually paying someone to listen to you and if they can’t do that job for you then you should change your
    5. They disrupt the session: They cancel sessions or look at the clock too often or just don’t make you feel wanted and heard then you should change your therapist. It is a big red flag. If your therapist is always in a rush then that’s not good. They are getting paid for their job and hence should do it effectively and
    6. You feel judged or ashamed: If they pass comments or make you feel judged upon your sickness then they are not a good therapist. A therapist should always make you feel validated and safe. Once it happened that my therapist rolled her eyes after I told her something, I immediately stopped the
    7. They make you feel bad for not following their advice. Another highly important red flag.
    8. Their therapy is against your morals and values: It may often happen that what they suggest you is beyond your reach or values, change your therapist in that
    9. They just don’t feel “right”: Choosing a therapist is hard, sometimes they may just not feel right. The vibe really matters. Your therapist is a very powerful person in your life and if it doesn’t match a good fit then you are free to
    10. They don’t specialize in your issue: There are separate therapists for every kind of issue in this world, for example, if you are facing relationship issues then you go to a therapist that expertise in that. If you are a couple with sex-related problems then go to a sex therapist and so

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