What are Seinen Anime? With a Few Recommendations!!

Seinen Anime

The category of anime is a divide on the basis of the target demographic of the anime. While shonen anime is focused more on the age group of 8-15 years old. the seinen category is more concerned with the adolescent age group. The themes of such shows are more complex with content exploring dark themes and might also have nudity.

Seinen anime generally have a limited amount of episode and doesn’t go on running for a year. They explore some serious topics and packed with serious action and violence.

Here are some of the recommendation of the Seinen anime to watch


Considered one of the darkest anime of all time. The story revolves around the lone mercenary Gus, who is seeking revenge against the leader of the band which he is once part of. T The leader of the band Griffith sacrificed all of his followers to attains the power of God. The setting of the show is the medieval period with the elements of dark magic and fantasy.


The story of a very ethical doctor and his choices come to hunt him when a patient from his past reappears and starts killing people in his life. The doctor has saved the life of that patient when he came to the hospital with a gun wound, but later doctor regrets his decision when he finds out that the person he has saved is a trained killer. Who was psychologically reprogrammed through the experiment to become super-soldier? After finding out the truth doctor set out on the path to amend his mistake.

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Attack on titan

Currently, in its final season, this anime has taken the world by storm. This series is having a final season that Game of Thrones fans expected from that show. When this anime began no one had any idea about how big it will become. The story revolves around the human civilization that has walled itself inside to protect itself from the man-eating titan. As the story develops we find out the history of the place and origin of the titans.

Tokyo ghoul

If you are someone who has a stomach for dark themed storyline and gore then Tokyo Ghoul is the series for you. The series set in a metropolis city where ghouls have bent themselves among the humans. These ghouls are thirsty for human flesh. The show’s protagonist is a young student who got his fleas eaten by a ghoul and get turned himself in the ghoul.

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