Four Bases of a Romantic Relationship!!

Four Bases of a Romantic Relationship!!

The journey of dating has been marked by several landmarks. These landmarks are known as bases. These bases are the stages of the progression of a couple in a romantic relationship. Depending on the couple’s pace, they can cover all the bases on the first date or take it gradual and do it step by step.

In this article, we try to explore what these bases are. What is the significance of these bases? Before we proceed, one thing to remember all time is that the Consent of both parties is essential for the progression to any base of the relationship.

The first base of Romantic Relationship:

A person meets a lot of prospective mates before finally entering into a relationship. The first base of a relationship is Kissing. The first kiss is a memorable experience for every relationship. It marks the beginning of the relationship.

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Generally, kissing gives a fair idea of whether you want to engage further or just want to leave at that.

Second Base

At this stage, the couple starts becoming familiar with their partner’s body. Through their hand, they explore each other bodies. This activity aims to achieve pleasure. It increases the intimacy between the couple. There is a lot of hand movement under the clothes involved.

The second base involves sensual touch through the area of the neck, back, shoulder, breast. This stage is the natural progression from the first base. But remember you are the control of your body, so you set the boundary. Do not give in to the pressure. Always be in control of the body.

Third Base

The second and third bases generally go hand in hand. The third base is the oral stage. The couple involves their mouth and tongue to increase the stimulus, the genital gets involved at this stage. The idea is to go as far as possible without being involved in penetrative sex.

This stage also brings out the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, Hence try to use protection whenever possible and act responsibly.

Fourth base

The fourth and final base of a romantic relationship is Sexual Intercourse when both couples feel that the time is right and they both Consent to the act of penetrative sex.

The intent behind the penetrative sex could either be of reproduction or pleasure. If you are aiming for pleasure, then always use protection.

There you have all the information about different bases of relationship. Remember always to use protection and practice safe sex.

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