6 Signs of a Good Therapist – Choosing a Therapist is not an easy task!

Signs of a good therapist
  • They actually listen to you:

    Listening is the most obvious job of a therapist. A therapist is actually paid to listen to your issues and what all you go through in your every day A person takes therapy for the sole purpose that they can tell someone their problems who is actually a professional that is someone who will listen to their problems and also give valid solutions. A good therapist understands and hears you, doesn’t look at the clock, or interrupt you by talking about her grocery store or her own hurdles in life.

  • They want what’s the best for you:

    India has a wide variety of therapists who charge anything ranging from ₹500- to ₹3000. A good therapist is one who really knows what’s best for you. She gives you both sides and helps you choose. For example: if somebody is suicidal, a therapist won’t ask you to write 100 things you hate about yourself but 100 things that you actually like about yourself. Deal with a professional otherwise, things can go

  • They don’t imply their opinions on you:

    A good therapist is one that shows you all sides of the coin and puts it on you what you wish to choose. They don’t force you to make their decisions as in they don’t control your life but just give you a viewpoint and outlook. A good therapist shouldn’t take it personally even if you don’t do things according to her wish, she’s just there to tell you the good and bad and the consequences of

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  • They are not judgemental:

Signs of a good therapist

This means that they are open to your identity and the things you have done in your past life. They see you for who you are that is a human being. They understand that you can make as many mistakes in life and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

  • They give you alternatives:

A good therapist is someone who gives you multiple options. Therapy doesn’t only involves communications, it can consist of hypnotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, or even sports A good therapist will always choose the kind of therapy that is best for you and that will indeed help you find a solution in life.

  • They are self-aware:

This means that they know where they can go wrong and correct themselves. Also, the fact that they don’t need reminders on every session. They don’t run late or do things just to earn money. A good therapist is like a caregiver.

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