How Instagram affects your Relationship?

instagram affects relationship

The relationship is a foundation between two individuals who have the same interests and compatibility who come together to form a symbiotic relationship. They have romantic feelings for each other and help each other in companionship. The relationship is a beautiful gift from God that helps us thrive in this world even better.

Social media is extremely popular these days, we all are very active on social media. It is a platform used to highlight our life to the public however one wishes too. Social media helps In connectivity and having a better look at other people’s lives but it has a lot of demerits too. If we are displaying everything we wish to display our relationship too and let’s see how that has a bad effect:

  1. Instagram is all about filters:

    Instagram has one perk that whatever we wish to show we can show as per our own We can filter the bad part and only bring out the good. This is Wrong as it creates a misconception that everybody is perfect around us. It makes perfect seem normal and normal seem adverse. This can create a form of jealousy as it can lead to a lot of comparison to other couples and conflict and FOMO. (Fear of missing out)

  2. Lack of privacy:

    obviously, when we are presenting ourselves to millions of people, there is a lack of privacy. People may judge you for every single thing and your relationship

  3. It creates pressure:

    After portraying and posting about your relationship daily, it will create a sense of pressure to post regularly as people (your audience) will want to know what’s going on in your relationship. And if one day you both decide to separate then that can create a huge talk of town sensation. Try to understand that people on social media are there to just judge you and it is not there.

  4. Just Instagram life:

    It may happen that after so much focus on showing off ourselves on social media all the time but miss things out in real life. One partner may focus on clicking pictures of every moment rather than not enjoying it in real life. Your reel life and real life should be separate, always remember

  5. Mental health aspects:
    Mental health aspects

    obviously, when things go public, you will receive some sort of love from people but also some sort of hate. There will be people who will like your relationship but also people who will discourage it. They may post disheartening comments, this can have a bad effect on your mental health. With so much lack of privacy, you may experience a lot of negativity.

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At last, remember social media life is not real life. Rather than focusing on wishing someone on Facebook and Instagram, be there for them in real life. Relationships are all about spending quality time. Indulge in social media PDA but only to a certain extent.

Remember that nothing is private. Also, focus on living moments together rather than capturing them.

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