Top 4 Anime Movies – Do you know them?

Top anime movies

If you are someone who has watched all of Disney and Pixar animated collection and exploring the animated movies or someone who just wanted to watch a good animated movie then looking no further in this article we will provide you some recommendation to you.

These movies are from the eastern part of the world, the Japanese anime industry has been flourishing some great movies.

Grave of fireflies
Top Anime Movies

Produced by Studio Ghibli so, you can trust that the animation and storyline is going to be top-notch. The story is set in a small town of Japan during the period of World war II. The story shows the struggle of a sibling to survive in the war-torn country. If you want to experience emotion watch this movie, it is enough to make an adult person cry.

Recently Netflix has brought the rights of studio Ghibli movies so that’s exciting.

Your Name

A beautifully animated movie with a unique concept for the storyline. The life of the main characters Taaki and Mitshua get mixed due to a supernatural phenomenon. As the story develops they each try to solve this complexity in their way. The pace of the movie keeps you engaged and the music score is so up to the point that you will long to hear it on loop.

If you are someone who enjoys good romantic comedy this movie is definitely for you


A biker gang in the cyberpunk world trying to fight the corrupt authorities. Although this movie was released in the year 1988 the timeline of the movie is set in 2019. So it is interesting to see what people thirty years ago thought about the present. The style and the design of the movie bring out nostalgia of the 80’s animation. The movie set the standard for movies coming out in the next decades.

Princess Mononoke

Another entry from the Studio Ghibli. The story is set in old-time Japan. The story has elements of fantasy which depict the struggle between the god of forest and human.

This movie was the highest earner at the time of Japan.

In terms of quality and experience, these movies are at par with movies produced by big studios of Hollywood. Japan’s anime industry is slowly getting the recognition it deserved people are now opening up to it. They are becoming more mainstream, Many streaming services are buying their rights. This industry is staring at a bright future

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