Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

Signs of unhealthy relationship

The relationship is between two people of the same compatibility and interests, with similar goals and attributes who have certain feelings for each other and come together to form a sense of companionship. Relationships are a beautiful gift from God and help us, humans, to thrive even better in this sad and lonely world.

10 signs of unhealthy relationships
Unhealthy Relationship

  • You are constantly worried they will leave:

    This is a common problem faced and is a sign of toxicity in your relationships. When the other person doesn’t care of your needs and always manipulates you to be in the You always end up feeling like you are not enough for the other person and they give you signs and reasons daily of fear that they might leave you. You are involved in a lot of insecurity.

  • You end up having frequent fights:

    it is a saying that couples who fight a lot have issues but even couples who don’t fight at all there’s something wrong with them. A relationship between two lovers is actually very intense and has a lot of profound feelings involved. You spend most of your time together and have a lot of discussions due to which it might occur in some conflicts or exchange of different opinions. However, it is not good and a sign of toxicity if you both fight too much and purposely indulge in passive aggressiveness or taunting.

  • They try to always change you:

    It is okay to make a few adjustments and changes in a relationship as a part of adjustment but if the other person tries to enforce their opinions and interest on you then that is unhealthy. We should understand that there needs to be the individuality of our partners

  • There are no boundaries:

    they often try to check your phone or indulge in social media passwords and PDA as some sort of “trust” which is unhealthy. Boundaries and privacy should always be maintained in relationships. They often might bring up your ex or get jealous

  • There is no sign of communication:

    Communication is the most important thing in any sort of relationship, whether it is between friends, family or lovers. Through communication, we are able to understand other person’s opinions and respect Communication is very important to resolve conflicts or to get closer. It helps in maintaining transparency with your partner.

  • Apologizing for things that are not our fault:

    it often happens that in the fear of not getting abandoned by our partner we may suppress our opinions so that no form of conflict is This is extremely unhealthy as we cannot go on like this forever.

  • Trying to bring past mistakes:

    they never forget or forgive. After every argument, they involve your past mistakes. This is unhealthy as it is criticism and doesn’t give room for growth.

  • They only need physical attraction:

    they always make it seem like they need physical communication from you and force you to indulge in sexual They don’t hang out with you normally like going on dates and parties but act shady.

  • You feel trapped

  • They bring their mental health issues without thinking of

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