What is Gaslighting in a Relationship?

What is Gaslighting in a relationship?

The term gaslighting is used to describe a person’s psychological manipulation through their partner in a relationship. It is considered domestic abuse. The Process of gaslighting and impact on the victim is very gradual hence make it very difficult to notice and ask for Help.

The perpetrator seeks to undermine the reality and belief of the victim. Through constant verbal and gesture, they manipulate the emotion and tries to destabilize the person emotionally.

The gaslighter aims to achieve domination in the relationship.

This article will explore some common practices used by the perpetrator in his attempt to gaslight and what impact gaslighting has on the victim.

The common practice of Gaslighting

a) Denying

The person lies and denies that something has never happened or denies saying or doing something. Make other people doubt their memory and actions.

b)  Questioning

Question every action of other person and stopping them from doing something. This is to limit the self-reliance of individuals.

c)   Condescending

The perpetrator uses a condescending tone to represent their superiority in the relationship. It makes their partner as that they are not good for anything it breaks their confidence.

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Signs of Gaslighting

  1. Feeling like an impostor
  2. Frequently apologizing
  3. Blaming yourself for every mistake in a
  4. Feeling of isolation and that you can only trust one
  5. Losing interest in things you love doing.

Impact of the Gaslighting

  1. Loss of confidence: Victim of gaslighting lose their confidence in themselves. They become completely dependent on other people to decide for

Loss of confidence

  1. Submissive: The person became submissive to ideas, as they no longer trust themselves in making an informed decision. They accept the ideas of others as their
  2. Isolation: The trick mostly used by the gaslighter is to isolate their partner from their friends and family as to them

Measure to take to protect yourself

a) Establish Truth

It is hard to untangle a wire if you can’t find either side. When you feel like it, your words against their words. Try to establish some ground facts. And go from there.

b)   Seek Help

There is no shame in asking for help. If you feel like you are being manipulated by your partner confine with your friends and family, tell them the facts, and ask them for Help.

c)   Self-reliance

Have faith in yourself. Trust your instinct. Confidence is the key to self-reliance. Make small targets and achieve them it will help you in gaining your confidence.

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