Where to watch Anime? 4 Best Places it is easily accessible!

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If you have been an otaku in the first half of the last decade you must know the struggle of finding and watching a complete anime series, the constant jumping from website to website to watch the series. Now, the situation has drastically changed in the last couple of years with an increase in the popularity of anime more platforms have started buying rights. Anime has become now become mainstream.

If you are someone who hasn’t seen any anime but now you are planning to start watching them and wondering from where to start. In this article, you will find the platforms where you can stream anime. Anime is packed with action, drama, and a complex storyline. The style of animation binds it all together into one.

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Netflix recently has acquired rights to the Studio Ghibli films. They are also expanding their catalog by producing Netflix original anime content. To expand their reach they are acquiring the right of the anime content.

Keeping up with their reputation the streaming quality is amazing, content is available in multi-language.

Amazon Prime
watch Anime @Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime already has a good amount of anime content in its portfolio. With some new name being added at a good speed.

The content is available in both subtitles as well as dubbed format. So if you want to watch them in the original language or want to watch them in English Audio you can do that.


Crunchyroll is the place to be. It is a website completely dedicated to anime and manga content. The website has a huge collection. The content is free to stream with ads. You can buy the premium version for better quality and no-ad experience. They continuously release the new episode of the show. They have the largest anime collection available.

They also have a huge list of manga collections.

Kiss anime

A website completely free to use, you can stream the latest to rare anime here. Although they do not have the legal right to stream the content. they have a huge collection and are completely free to use. our recommendation is only to use this site as a last resort. The streaming experience is not up to par with other paid streaming services.

It is an exciting time to be an Otaku. There are so many new platforms coming up with anime content. So Hop on the hype train and experience the anime unlike you have ever done.

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