Tips on How to make Long Distance Relationships Survive?

how to make long distance relationships survivehow to make long distance relationships survive
  1. Make a schedule:

    One of the most obvious things is to make a schedule especially if you two live in different time zones. Don’t let the distance interfere with your alone time together. Make sure that you guys decide on a routine and time that you both would want to talk

  2. Try to communicate regularly and creatively:

    if we are talking about schedules, obviously one needs to also understand that you need to talk creatively. Make sure you send each other good morning and goodnight texts as they will make you feel much more closer to your Don’t forget to share pictures of everything that you do. Whether it is going out somewhere, finding a good book, or whatever.

  3. Go on dates:

    I know that sounds confusing, especially when you are in a long-distance relationship, but go on dates! Technology is actually a wonderful tool for both of you and doesn’t forget to use it effectively. Dress up and go out on movie dates, or discuss songs together, books. Go out to different restaurants and eat the same Do whatever makes you feel a bit more closer to your partner.

  4. Do dirty talk:

    Oh please, another obvious point. Due to distance, you might not have much physical intimacy. To compensate for that, you need to keep the spark going. Keep the flames burning with dirty talk. Be creative and innovative.

  5. Make visits to each other:

    I know the distance sucks and hence it is important to meet once in a while and catch up. It is important to meet once in a while. Make sure you save money by doing some sort of internships or working overtime. It is necessary to meet and spend some quality time.

  6. Quality over quantity:

    Most couples start talking 12hrs a day to compensate for the That’s not true and eventually it will get boring. Spend quality time together. Remember that less is more.

  7. Stay honest with each other:

how to make long distance relationships survive

Doing long distance is hard, you feel physically distant from each other but don’t make that emotionally distant too, make sure to be completely transparent with each other and never go to bed with a fight. Talk it out and sort it. It is important to understand that both partners are very vulnerable and hence need to be together as a team.

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  1. Send each other gifts:

You can always make each other’s days special by gifting each other random things. You can even be creative and send the perfume that you wear every day or your sweater.

At last, remember that relationships are just one part of your life and not your soul configuration. In all this chaos don’t forget to spend time with your friends and family. Always stay calm and try to understand each other. Long-distance is just a phase and will help you both grow together. All the best!

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