Top 5 strongest Anime characters

Strongest Anime Character

If you are even a little bit familiar with pop culture, you must have come across the question of who is stronger than Superman or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. The question is still answerable. Fan of Comic books believes that superman will easily beat Goku with his superpower while the Fan of anime believes that once Goku goes super Saiyan mode it is game over for Superman. But, let just leave this discussion here and only focus on the only anime world and try to find out whether Goku really is the strongest one of the mix.

Here are the top contender for the strongest character from anime :

  • Naruto
    Powerful anime characters

The fan-favorite Naruto Uzumaki from the anime Naruto is a strong challenger, with the power of a mysterious creature stored in his belly which he can channel when required he can conquer any channel.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki from the shonen anime Bleach is another character to challenge the top spot. He wields a big sword. he has the ability to travel through dimensions. He inherited his power from his parents and he fights the character twice his strength.

  • Guts

The main character of one of the darkest anime. He is a cursed swordsman who wields a sword of human size. While another character has a superpower or some other source from where they generate superpower but Guts strength comes from his muscle and physical strength.

  • Saitama

The latest addition to the list is the main character from the anime One punch man. He can defeat any villain simply by a single punch. He became a hero out of boredom now he fights monsters from the underworld.

  • Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan is one of the latest sensations of the anime world. The main character Erin Yeager has the ability to transform into a titan on his will. When this anime began no one had any idea about how big it will become. The story revolves around the human civilization that has walled itself inside to protect itself from the man-eating titan. As the story develops we find out the history of the place and origin of the titans.

It is so difficult to argue which among them is the strongest. They all belong to a different universe and they have different capabilities and power. So, we leave it to you guys to decide who is the strongest one.

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