How to raid a Discord Server? Step-by-Step Guide!

how to raid a discord server

What does Raid mean?

The raid is actually traffic sent by  one place to another and this helps the new server to get boosted this can be done legally or illegally so to increase it and raid helps another discord server to get boosted surprise and this helps it to grow fast there are many ways to raid

There are two ways to Raid someone on Discord!

1. Posting the target discord severs link in the mains server

This process is legal with the help of a link you can invite the members from one server to another and this helps the target server to get boosted and helps to gain more members and helps them to get an active discord server.

2. Spamming by bots

This process is illegal and it is possible when a server is targeted by someone and attacked by Bots and it is basically done to take revenge or destroy a server its reputation.

While it is against the TOS—that doesn’t stop people from doing it. The concept if done in good fun, without malicious intent, can be fun for both parties. You just have to have a firm grasp of what is fun and what is not.

Maybe a friendlier act of surprising a server with silly antics needs a better term—but I genuinely find it fun when a group of people who know each other join a server and liven things up.

So what we shall call proper—would be to enter a server and join the general VC. Inside the VC you gradually start the conversation—pass a few jokes; make others curious about what’s happening in the voice chat.

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As time passes you might start poking fun at the staff or admins—without breaking the TOS. A little drama will stir up and the text chat will increase in activity considerably.

Visitors are fun—especially in large coordinated groups. Maybe type the lyrics of a song in chat, sing in the VC, befriend other people in the server, do something memorable. Then one day you can reminisce about the good old days on discord—when strangers had a sense of humor.

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