What is Shonen Anime? Everything you need to know!

Shonen anime

Anime is general parlance means the Japanese style of comic and animation. The style is widely popular for it storytelling and visual effects. Based on the target demographic of the audience the wide term anime is a divide in some short types, One of them is Shonen Anime.

What is Shonen?

Shonen anime is one of the most-watched types. It is made with keeping in mind the target audience of 8-15 years old. In a literal sense, the term “shonen” means “few years”. The anime in this category generally are action-packed, adventurous in nature. Usually with a male protagonist leading the charge, but that’s not completely true over the whole genre. There are several new shonen anime with females as the lead.

Recommendation for shonen anime

If you haven’t seen any anime and are trying to get in anime given below is a recommendation for you:

  1. Death note

    One of the highest-rated shonen anime, based on the manga of the same name. It is the story of a high school student who found a notebook that belongs to a creature of a different world. It is a special kind of notebook if any person’s name is written in this notebook that person will die within 40seconds. It is the story of how two highly smart people trying to discover each other’s identity and doing the right thing.

  2. Attack on Titan

    Currently, in its final season, this anime has taken the world by storm. This series is having a final season that Game of Thrones fans expected from that show. When this anime began no one had any idea about how big it will become. The story revolves around the human civilization that has walled itself inside to protect itself from the man-eating titan. As the story develops we find out the history of the place and origin of the titans.

  3. Dragon ball z

    What is Shonen anime Dragon ball zA classic in every sense of the word This story concerned itself with seven dragon balls which are hidden at various different locations in the world. once collected and placed together they summon a dragon that will grant you any wish. it is an adventurous series with a fan following from all over the world.

  4. Naruto

The name Naruto has become so iconic that people have started using it interchangeably with anime. The story revolves around a young ninja who wants to become the leader of his village. The show is full of twists and turn.

Pick any anime from the above-mentioned list and you will not be disappointed.

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