20 Signs of healthy Relationships [Must Read]

Healthy relationships
  1. They do consistent efforts for you:

    It is very important to make the other person feel special. During random efforts such as buying gifts, doing chores, spending quality time or just adhering to your partner’s needs, all are great ways to do efforts for the other

  2. Transparency:

    It is very important for your partner to gain trust and respect for you which comes with healthy communication, healthy arguments and some sort of transparency. Transparency of your needs, past experiences

  3. They help you grow:

    relationships help in a lot of companionships. Spending a lot of time together it is very important to take care of one another, being proud of them, helping and investing in their careers and dreams and just growing

  4. They make you feel safe and protected

  1. You feel heard, seen

  2. They give you space:

    in this busy lifestyle where we are so indulged in our goals and ambitions, it is very important to give space to the other partner to live their life to the fullest whether it is self-growth, hanging out with friends or any form of self-care. A certain form of the boundary should be maintained.

  3. Indulging in safe sex:

    sex and intimacy are an important part of one relationship. Make sure you try different things and are always open to communication and understanding the other person’s needs whether it is consent or

  4. They respect your friends and family:

    it is important to understand that other than the relationship the person has other important people. A good partner is one who takes care of not only their partner but their friends and family

  5. They are honest to you

  1. They don’t judge

  2. They validate your experiences

  3. They keep their promises with

  4. They always apologize when they are wrong

  5. They respect your mental health

  6. They support you

  7. They make you happy

  8. They bring joy to your darkest days

  9. You can be yourself

  10. They are okay with your

  11. They are okay if you make mistakes

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