Romantic Anime that can make you CRY!!

Romantic anime that make you cry

Unlike any other mode of storytelling impact of the anime is very direct. The combination of great background music with vivid imagery of the animation make a deep impact on the viewer.

In this article, we recommend some of the best romantic anime that will have you tearing up at the end of the show. here are our picks :

  • Angel beats

The show set in the sort of limbo between death and reincarnation. The character of the show is in a high school environment in their afterlife where they cant get hurt. Each individual has to overcome the trauma of the past life before they can born again. As the story develops we get to know about the backstories of the character and what was the cause of their death.

  • Clannad


Clannad and its follow up series Clannad after the story is probably one of the most emotional series ever made. The story of the show is about finding true love and heartbreak. The main character of the story is of opposite personality and background and it is a story about how they came together and what follows thereafter. The show has some quirky side characters who adds some humor to the series. The animation and the music are so beautiful that they can transcend you through space and time.

  • Your Name

A beautifully animated movie with a unique concept for the storyline. The life of the main characters Taaki and Mitshua get mixed due to a supernatural phenomenon. As the story develops they each try to solve this complexity in their way. The pace of the movie keeps you engaged and the music score is so up to the point that you will long to hear it on loop.

If you are someone who enjoys good romantic comedy this movie is definitely for you

  • Grave of fireflies

Produced by Studio Ghibli so you can trust that the animation and storyline is going to be top-notch. The story is set in a small town of Japan during the period of World war II. The story shows the struggle of a sibling to survive in the war-torn country. If you want to experience emotion watch this movie, it is enough to make an adult person cry.

Recently Netflix has brought the rights of studio Ghibli movies so that’s exciting.

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