Recognize Emotionally Unavailable Patterns in a Relationship Dynamics?

Relationship Dynamic
  • They’re not contacting you or sporadically contacting you: it is important to have two-way communication. Being in a relationship is all about communication, checking on each other, asking about each other’s day, and just low-key being obsessed with each other’s company.
  • They create drama in hopes that you’ll take the hint that they’re not interested and end it, to be let off the hook: This is often done as ways to most partners do this so that they don’t have to take the blame of breaking up with you. Understand the signs.
  • You ask for more but get emotional breadcrumbs: This basically means that you ask for emotional support or ask for something more in a relationship but your partner fails to give it to you. Rather they just don’t want to give it to you. This is when you should know your worth and leave.
  • They get defensive when you remind them of things that they’ve promised you: It is okay to ask for things. However, an emotionally unavailable partner will make you feel like you are being needy or your needs are “too much”. They will make excuses or overreact.
  • They’d like to ‘go with the flow’ even if nothing is flowing: Often this term is used to show how they are not interested. Whenever you are in a relationship, you have to make sure that you guys have some sort of future planned ahead. Otherwise, there’s no point in being in a relationship. A flow means nothing, if you two don’t see yourself being together with each other then you should part ways.

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  • They use intimacy as the only way of demonstrating their interest: A lot of partners try to get into a relationship only to get some sort of physical intimacy which is wrong. It is okay to want sexual attention or physical needs. But only if you make the other person clear of that.
  • Struggle with being genuinely empathetic: meaning they are not there for you.
  • They keep blaming timing: timing is nothing. Timing is just an excuse if you two really wish to work things together. Then timing won’t come in between Periods.
  • They keep changing their mind about their interest in you
  • The relationship doesn’t progress – it goes in fits and starts, stalls or goes into reverse
  • They give mixed signals (words don’t match actions)
  • Hint that they’re not ready for a relationship, but try to neutralize it through jokes, vulnerability or compliments
  • Quick to pursue but then completely back off once they have you reeled in
  • They’re future avoiders, afraid to talk about the future
  • ‘It’s always your fault’ for being too pushy, clingy.

In the end, I would like to say that being with someone who doesn’t help you grow, succeed, or isn’t there for you is a waste of time. Someone who isn’t entirely obsessed with you and happy with you is not worth it. Leave.

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