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Instagram Unfollowers

How to know who unfollowed me on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms offering a number of features that we are all making the most of. On Instagram, one can follow each other to get daily updates...

How to link Instagram with Facebook [Explained]

Are you someone who wants to keep both Instagram and Facebook updated with all the recent posts hassle-free? We have listed all that you need to know to do the same. Before going to the steps...
how to change instagram password

How to change Instagram password on Mobile/PC? [Easy Steps]

Hey there! Forgot your Instagram password or planning to enter a more secure password we have got it all covered. Below are a few simple steps to change your password within no time on...
instagram verification

How to get blue tick on Instagram in a few simple steps.

Requesting for verification on Instagram is easier, the difficult part is to fit into the criteria and get the desired badge. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know to...

How to reactivate Instagram account in 3 simple steps

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps gaining popularity each day. While you are busy scrolling your Instagram feeds and enjoying reels it may get a little addictive in some cases...

What is Discord?  How to use it?

Discord is an application that is personally used by most of the users of game streaming platforms like Twitch. Discord is a voiceover IP and messaging program. The user interface of Discords is a kind...

What is Technology? How has it changed our lives?

Technology alludes to the utilization of apparatuses, machines, materials, systems, and capacity to make work simpler and increasingly profitable. While science is worried about seeing how and why things occur, technology manages to get...
logo ideas

Why Logo is important for your brand ?

You know sometimes some small details play some important role in your business such a role is played by a logo. You must be thinking of how it affects your business. So, come let’s...

How to build Messenger Bots?

Facebook announced a few ago years the arrival of bots on its messaging platform Messenger and since then it has proved it’s worth again and again for brands. Chatbots are being now used by almost...