How to link Instagram with Facebook [Explained]


Are you someone who wants to keep both Instagram and Facebook updated with all the recent posts hassle-free?

We have listed all that you need to know to do the same.

Before going to the steps of doing it, let’s first explore the benefits of having a linked Instagram and Facebook account.

  • When you have a cross-linked account the post or the video that you edit on Instagram can be posted on Facebook at the same time. Isn’t it amazing as Instagram offers good editing features that can be replicated to your Facebook content as well?
  • Also, linking accounts notifies your Facebook networks that you are on Instagram which will help you direct FB followers to Instagram thus increasing your total follower count.
  • Please note if you have a private account on Instagram, the post shared on Facebook will be visible as per your Facebook privacy settings
  • Last but not least both your accounts will be updated and you won’t have to take that extra time to post it all again from scratch.

Now as you know what all is in store for you, let’s dive into the steps of linking your Instagram account with Facebook.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines
  3. After that go to Settings
  4. Tap on Account then click Linked Accounts
  5. Tap Facebook and add your login details

You will be notified on Facebook and you may have to confirm the cross-linking on your Facebook account.

You will be glad to know that if at any point in time if you decide to unlink your account it is as easy as linking it. Then you simply need to go through the same steps the only difference will be that after you go to Account you will have to tap unlink and confirm by clicking yes and it’s done.

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