How to know who unfollowed me on Instagram

Instagram Unfollowers

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms offering a number of features that we are all making the most of. On Instagram, one can follow each other to get daily updates on their feeds about what their connections are doing on the platform.

So, as you know follower count is the number of people who follow you, and the following count is the number of people you are following. Are you someone who likes to keep a balance between both?

If yes then a decline in the number of followers count will surely be of great concern to you.

Below are some simple steps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram and stay updated. There are two ways of doing the same –

Search Manually who unfollowed me on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram App on your device
  2. Go to your profile and you will get the following on the screen
    Posts | Followers | Following count at the top
  3. Go to the follower’s section and in the search bar search the name who you think has unfollowed you.
  4. If the person is still following you the same will be displayed in the follower’s section if you don’t find them that means they are no longer on your follower’s list. This way can be manageable if you have a limited number of followers but it will become very tedious if you have many followers. In that case, you may use a third-party app to know the same.

Third-Party App

Followmeter is the best free app to know who unfollowed you on Instagram.

It quickly analyzes your Instagram followers for free and gives you various insights on the same. One can use more than one account and easily switch from one to another as we do on Instagram

Let’s go through the steps to know who unfollowed you

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account with Followmeter

Step2: Here you will get to see the number of posts and followers you have on Instagram and also, find an option to check who unfollowed you.

Step 3: In the unfollowers section, if someone unfollowed you on Instagram the same will be shown there. If nobody has unfollowed the same will be updated.

Step 4: Click on ‘Unfollowers’ and you will be updated daily

We hope you are all set to keep close track of your list.

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