Unique Indian Bridal Makeup Look!!

Bridal Makeup Look

Makeup is used as a tool enhancement for the beauty of an individual. Makeup basically consists of various products for your face and body that help you achieve a better version of yourself exteriorly. TI best thing about makeup is that it is so vast and you can do so much with it. Playing with colors is actually very fun and therapeutic and hence a lot of people like to use it as a form of self-care activity. Indeed a great activity to showcase your skills and achieve some sort of perfection right?

A bridal makeup look is all about a lot of prep and fancy makeup. Some tips to do beforehand:

  • Daily apply some sort of facial pack for that extra glow on the day of the wedding
  • Apply milk on your skin daily for lightening
  • Follow a whole skin regime.
  • Drink lots of water every day. At least 7-8 glasses daily.
  • Eat healthily and a balanced diet. You are what you Let us see the following steps:

Step 1: Apply a good layer of primer all over your face and neck. It is a very important step as it will help the makeup last for a long time on the day of the There will be a lot of eating, dancing and meeting people hence a primer is essential for a beautiful application.

Step 2: you need to concentrate on the eyes primarily. Apply a good amount of concealer on your eyes and under your eyes. It will help with the eyeshadow application as well.

Step 3: Apply a thick and heavy layer of foundation as you should look completely flawless on your wedding day. Apply 2-3 layers and use a buildable full coverage foundation with a dewy finish.

Step 4: start with the eyes. Apply a good wing eyeliner for a dramatic eye look. Use a lot of shimmery and glitter eyeshadow for a sparkling makeup look. Start the eye look by putting a base of darker color for that smokey touch then add some shimmery Finish it off with some glitter and eyeliner and mascara. Make sure the eyeshadows are highly pigmented. The eyes are very important and will mark the highlight.

Step 5: Use false eyelashes. False eyelashes will up your game to the next level. Make sure the eyelash glue blends properly and is of good quality.

Step 6: add final touches to your makeup look. Since the eyes are very heavy so make sure you put on a nude lipstick or something Apply a lot of blush and highlights your collar bones as well as cheeks.

Step 7: make sure you use a setting spray to finalize your entire look. Spray it all over your face and neck. And pat it on.

There you are, all ready for your big day. Remember the most important thing is a bright smile on the face and a lot of confidence. It is difficult to pull off such a heavy look, so make sure you are well hydrated. Don’t get nervous and enjoy your day. Good luck ladies!

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