[10 Steps Guide] Makeup for Dry Skin!

Makeup for dry skin

Applying makeup is anyway a tricky and hard process, but applying makeup to dry skin is whole another challenge. Makeup doesn’t stick well to dry and patchy, rough skin. However, we have you sorted.

Follow these 10 steps and tricks to achieve that Beautiful and flawless makeup look:

Step 1: Use a Scrub

Using a scrub will help take all the dead skin cells off your skin and will lead to a smoother application process. Exfoliate well using a mild scrub.

Step 2: Go use a Moisturizer

Applying a moisturiser should be your daily task as that dry skin needs a lot of hydration from your side. Use a moisturiser with SPF to ensure beautiful and glowing skin. One that shines. It will reduce wrinkles, brighten your skin and make it firm.

Step 3: Using the right applicator

Half of the makeup process is application based. This means that you have to stop rubbing foundation with your fingers. Use a good blending tool to blend your products beautifully into the skin.

Step 4: Using a Primer

If you have dry skin especially, it is must to use a primer. A primer will really provide a smooth canvas for foundation to glide. Apply a lot of primer especially underneath your eyes.

Step 5: Apply Foundation

Makeup for dry skin

Use foundation that is suited for dry skin only. Applying foundation helps to provide some sort of coverage to your face and provides a flawless look but using a matte foundation can really make your skin look cakey. Make sure the foundation is creamy and provides a dewy look.

Step 6: Skin Powder

Skip using a setting powder as that will just make your skin look more dry. Setting powder is needed for skin types that are oily and produce oil at regular intervals, since that’s not the case with you so it’s best to skip it.

Step 7: Use a Creamy Blush

Using a liquid blush is important to make that skin look dewy. Remember that you have to avoid powder products as much as possible. Add some blush to provide a nice tint to the apples of your cheeks to give that fresh glowing look.

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Step 8: Highlighter

Get that striving glow with some highlighter on your face. A highlighter will make your skin look dewy and fresh. Highlight your cheek bones, collar bones and nose.

Step 9: Lay off matte Lipsticks

Use shades of nude, pink and reds, whatever suits you but don’t wear matte lipsticks. Apply something more with a creamy formula. That will set your look.

Step 10:   Set off your look with a facial mist. This will complete the look and add some extra hydration to the skin. Spray it all over the face and then pat it down.


Don’t forget to use products such as a mascara, contour, eyeshadow and eyeliner. Remember to experiment as makeup is a form of art. You can go crazy with the colours or keep it neutral.

Voila, you are all set!

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