Being Single is not a Weakness!!

“Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means that you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”
― Niall Horan

Being single comes with tonnes of advantages if you’re not yet blinded by the idea of a perfect romance to see them all-

1. You have a larger support system-

Studies have found that single people tend to keep their friends and family closer. Instead of depending on a particular individual and placing too high expectations only to get them all broken one day, you’re free to throw up in the air while your friends hold your hair.

2. You have less financial stress-

Single people tend to be much smarter with money. Instead of wasting it on roses and teddy bears, lone wolfs are actually clever foxes to invest in themselves and save for later.

3. You sleep better-


No snuggle partner? No problem. Being free from a blanket hog or sleep kicker is not only more comfortable, but it can lead to a big health benefit. And with no drama to cry over at night, Sleep comes better anyway.

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4. You make your own schedule-

When you’re in a committed partnership, you have to take the other person’s schedule into account. That may mean having a late dinner when they have a tough day at the office or missing out on your friend’s birthday party to attend their brother’s wedding. But single people, for the most part, get to set their own schedules. Additionally, a study claims that people with structured schedules can actually result in more productivity and happiness.

5. You’re able to solve your own problems-

Being single can actually make you more resilient, according to a study, which can help you solve your problems more easily. Single people have the knowledge that comes from having always solved their problems, either alone or aided by friends. So, when new problems pop up, they know from experience that they can handle them. This provides a sense of assurance and keeps them calm when things get rough.

  • Being single isn’t always about lonely nights, cravings for love and listening to sad songs, it’s about going anywhere you want, doing whatever you want to do. It’s about gaining confidence and knowledge, regaining your health and mental peace. It’s about making your own rules and loving yourself.
  • Would these lives be better and more enriched if shared with a partner? That depends. Sometimes, yes – but often not. If you’re not yet feeling content with your life choices, and don’t know where you’re heading, maybe it’s time to put the search for your perfect soul-mate on hold for a little longer…

You’ve got some living to do first.

It’s okay to feel a little lonely and lost at times but that does not cause’ you’re single, it’s not because incomplete, it’s because you haven’t yet found the content in your own company, it’s because you depending on someone else for your happiness.

So before telling a person “I love you”, discover what that “I” is! Spend time with yourself, introspect, take a detour, question yourself, and challenge yourself. Loving someone involves being selfless and benevolent, so be kind and selfless with yourself first before doing it for anybody else. Self-love is primordial.

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