6 Self promises to Never Break

Self promises to never break
  • Never hurt someone for your own selfish reasons: It is not healthy if you hurt people just for your own sake and if it gives you some sort of selfish validation then you need help indeed. Stop doing it and start focusing on yourself rather than hurting others. Hurting others just comes from low self-esteem and the fact that you are not happy with yourself or your life that’s why you like seeing others the same way.
  • Never trust only words:
    Never trust only words
    Don’t trust words instead of trust actions? Like they say that actions speak louder than words. It is indeed true. If you will believe everything and anything that people say to you then you will end up hurting yourself. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean. Saying something is very easy but putting it into action is not. Not everyone can do that.
  • Never fake promises or give false hopes to the ones who love you: If you can’t do something then don’t say it. Giving false hopes to other people will only make them sad and hurt their feelings in the long run. Don’t take someone for granted. If you don’t want someone in your life or you don’t like them just cut off from them. Always choose a mature manner.
  • Never come into a relationship out of loneliness or to heal from the past: Often people do rebounds or come into a relationship just to curb loneliness. However, you need to learn to live with yourself. Understand solitude and make peace with it. Remember that if you don’t love yourself then you cannot love someone else too. And if you have not healed from your past relationship then take help. Work on yourself and do things to move on. You have a lot to do.
  • Never contact back those who always gave you only hard times: Never contact them just because you had a moment of weakness or are feeling lonely. It is okay to feel this way but remember that getting people back into your life will not do any good. Someone who has hurt you in the past will never change and you can’t expect them to change either.
  • Never react to every situation and stop being emotional all the time: not all things need a reaction from you. Sometimes it’s best to not react and stay silent. Choose the mature way.

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