7 Sad Truth about Girls – About Girls Emotions!

Sad truth about girls

Females are literally the best thing that happened to humanity. They are warm, charming, care about anything and everything. They work towards not just their goals but for others too. They love seeing their family members happy and are so giving. We all know how strong they are, giving birth at a young age, fighting for their lives, taking care of their families, and whatnot. However, they also face a lot of struggles. There is indeed some sadness involved, unfortunately.

Let us see seven sad truths about girls.

  • If a girl is silent, it’s dangerous. She’s either:
    1. Overthinking. 2. Tired of waiting. 3. About to blow up. 4. Needs a hug. 5. Falling apart. 6. Crying inside. 7. All of the above. Silence shows a lot; there is more expression related to sadness than anything else.
  • ┬áIf a girl laughs too, even at stupid things, she is lonely deep inside:
    this is a psychological fact that often people who like to make others laugh a lot or who laugh at even the slightest things are lonely inside. They do this for some sort of validation and attention from the other person. They want to make the other person happy hence.
  • If a girl loves to sleep a lot, she is probably sad: It is not unknown that people who like to sleep a lot actually suffer from depression and anxiety. You sleep to hide away your problems or as an escape mechanism. You are sad and hence you use this to cope with it. Sleeping we know calms us down and stops all our processes, whether it is stress, anger, or anything else.
  • If a girl speaks less but speaks fast, she keeps secrets. If a girl does this, then she has something to hide and fear over something.
  • If a girl cries, she is not weak. Crying is absolutely normal. It is not a sign of weakness, even though often people associate crying with weakness. But it is not true, crying only helps you to let your emotions out, which is actually very crucial; otherwise, your stress and other negativity will pile up on you.
  • If a girl becomes angry over silly things, it means she needs to be loved. If someone pours their anger over you it is not your fault, instead, it is because of their emotions. Try to be a response to them by showing care and empathy rather than backlash of more anger. Be nice to them and give them love and support. They need it.
  • If a girl asks you to leave her alone, she needs you too much at that time.

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