Who blocked me on twitter? Find if someone have blocked you!

Who blocked me on twitter

To provide a seamless experience and to prevent online trolls to engage on the posts of your timeline, Twitter provides the function of blocking accounts. If someone blocks you from their account you would not be able not to engage with the post and media posted on their timeline. You also can not see their tweets or directly message them through your inbox. How to find out if you are blocked Twitter. They send notification when you get a retweet, comments or when someone like your posts. But no such notification is sent when someone blocks you. So the question does arise about how to find out if someone has blocked me on Twitter.

Well, the answer is not simple there is not a mechanism to find out and pinpoint a single account who have blocked you. It is trickier if you have followed a lot of people on Twitter. If you feel like you have not seen any tweets from a specific account on your timeline for a while you need to search that specific account. There are three possibilities that exist in this scenario. First that this account hasn’t been posting anything recently, second that their frequency has been decreased. Also, you haven’t paid that much attention to them and it has slipped up. Thirdly, that they have blocked you.

What to do if you get blocked?

What to do if you get blocked on Twitter

If they have blocked you will see a message on their timeline as “you’re blocked” on their screen. This essentially means that you cannot see the post of that account, you can’t comment or like the post. That does not mean you cannot totally interact with the account. If you have reason to believe that this specific account is posting stuff that is in violation of the community rules of Twitter and has specifically tagged you in the tweet. You can report the account by specifying your reason. If you want to read the tweets from the account that has blocked you can read them by logging out. Directly searching the Twitter handle on Google. Although it allows you to read the tweets it does not allow you to interact with the tweets.

You can not raise your grievance to the Twitter service center to ask them to help you get unblocked by the account. Only the person who has blocked you can unblock you. Twitter is a private enterprise it can develop its own policy for moderation purposes on its website. It has given individuals the right to block or mute accounts which ruin their experience on this website.

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