[10 ways] How to make money on Twitter?

How to make money on twitter

Launched in 2006, Twitter is a social networking platform used to interact with users on a broad level using the concept of blogging or “tweets”. Registered users can read, post, and “retweet” tweets but unregistered users can only view them. Tweets are 280 characters.
Uses of Twitter

Anything can be made a news headline within seconds using Twitter hence information can be spread to a large broad base.

  • Users can share images, memes, to not only each other but to the entire world together.
  • The concept of texting or “Dm’s” is also there to communicate with one another.
  • It is free of cost and sees no discrimination. Anybody ranging from the age of 10 can start making their Twitter account.
  • It can be used for fundraising and donation camps across various countries.
  • You can follow the work of other experts or promote your own work.
  • Helps you to get feedback from the nation.

How to make a Twitter account?

You can make your own Twitter account by opening the application on your computer/phone, logging in through name, phone/email id, and password.

  • Assign a profile photo and biography.
  • Optimize your account and follow people.

Making money on Twitter

  1. Create a killer Twitter account– Of course, if you wish to earn money through Twitter you need to make an account. Follow the above instructions to do so.
  2. Add company name, company logo as a profile picture, a catchy bio in order to sell your product or make money. Add a link to your website.
  3. Followers– Try to build a huge circle who will follow you and will be your audience if you wish to promote your idea or product in order to earn money. You can get following by engaging thoroughly. Put posts regarding your items and put hashtags as per the requirement. Eg #teslacar
  4. Promote your Twitter account on other social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp.
  5. Sponsorship– Use sponsored tweets meaning that if you have a large number of followers then companies will directly reach out to you or you can reach out to them to promote their product using a paid tweet. They will use your crazy number of followers to get more people to buy their product.
    Prices range from $1 to $10
  6. Do a giveaway– A giveaway is a great option to attract customers and sell your product.
  7. Create Twitter ads– whenever your users will click on the ad, the money will be generated.
    Create Twitter ads
  8. Many apps can be used such as mylyks, ad.ly, rev twt which schedule advertisement to earn more
  9. Discover new leads– Twitter is a huge platform to discover new people and leads and hence expand your product.
  10. Use YouTube.

There you have it. It may seem difficult at first but Twitter is an amazing platform to earn money. Go ahead and explore!

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