What is affect of stress on mental health?

How to deal with stress

Stress is part of life, no matter what profession you are practicing or how much you are earning. You can not outrun the stress. Sources of stress differ from individual to individual for some people; it comes from relationships, work, family, or school. Although stress itself is not chronic, the other ailments it brings to the body can be fatal.

In this article, we will see how

Affect of stress on the human body

Affect of stress on mental health

  1. Emotional: Stress increase the sensitivity of emotion. The feeling of frustration, disgust, fear, or anxiety gets amplified under affects of stress. Sometimes these feelings take a physical manifestation and lead to an upset stomach, sour mouth, headache, etc.
  2. Physical: The panic created by the stress put the human body in hyperactive mode. It could lead to heavy breathing fast heartbeat, sweating. In some cases, the joints start to feel cant take the weight of the body. It affects the metabolism of the body leading to changes in the numerous bodily function.
  3. Behavioural: It becomes hard to communicate under stress; you get easily irritated. It becomes hard to develop a new relationship. To cope up with the pressure, people start substance-abusing, which is counterproductive. It only increases the stress level further. It makes you more aggressive and reduces the patience level.

How to deal with stress:

There is no hardbound rule to deal with stress, but one can take the following steps to deal with it.

  1. Identify the cause: Identify the cause of the stress and try to resolve it as soon and amicably as possible. There is no benefit in prolonging the misery. Retrospect and make a plan to do whatever you can do to resolve the issue.
  2. Communicate and build a relationship: Support of people around a person provides strength to deal with the situation. Sharing your problem with them helps you release the steam and you feel good about it.
  3. Lifestyle: Lifestyle could be a major factor in stress. Not eating a proper meal, excessive smoking, drinking, sleeping less, etc . could be the reason behind the anxiety. A change in lifestyle with integrating a good amount of sleep, workout, and healthy diet could do wonders for four mental health.


Stress could adversely affect your health and your life. It could even lead to depression. You should always lookout for the early sign of stress and try to shed it away through any means necessary.

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