Ways to Stop Procrastination – Affirmations for Overcoming Procrastination!

Stop Procrastination

GET IT DONE don’t reward performance, reward results. Not desires but accomplishments that get things done. Not words but actions; not plans but executions. Not zeal but outcome; not resolve but solutions. Talk, talk, talk, gets us nowhere. It wastes time, money, energy and destroys vision. Be a man of action; recruit men with track records. It is better to fail while attempting than to be a creative genius that cannot catch a fish.

Ways to Overcome Procrastination

  • Do the Task for Just a few Minutes Use the Zierganick effect – once you start something your brain remains alert until you finish it. A lot of the time most of us just struggle to start a task. Hence when you will just function your brain to put the effort to start the task and do it for a period of time it will continue it further.
  • Do the Hard Tasks First Z Doing the hard tasks while your brain is still fresh means you are less likely to give up on them or procrastinate: when the hard tasks will be done then you will be left with the easy things only and hence less work so you will complete it and be motivated to complete it.
  • Believe in Your Ability you can do it, just implement the skills and strategies you have learned to self-regulate: have some motivation and self-love for yourself and believe that you indeed can do it.
  • Manage your environment: a good environment is important for you to get your tasks done. It is said that changing your environment can bring a fresh boost of energy.
  • Control it don’t let it control you. Get rid of distractions especially that lovely beguiling phone of yours: get hold of distractions. Electronics are a major distraction so avoid that.
  • Set yourself Short Deadlines Impending deadlines get you going. So go ahead set yourself short deadlines: not just deadlines but also rewards, like small chocolate at the end of each task. All of this will keep you motivated even further.


  • Done is better than perfect
  • Progress, not perfection
  • Nothing works unless you do
  • One day, one step, at a time
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!
  • What you do today can improve all of your time
  • There is no such thing as perfection, the only improvement
  • I am not afraid to make mistakes.
  • I embrace mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Stop thinking about what could go wrong and get excited about what could go right V There is no such thing as failure, only learning

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