Why Makeup turns Grey – All possible reasons!

Why makeup turns Grey

What can be worse than your complexion turning grey or ashy at the end of the day?

Foundations give your skin is more even and bright complexion. They conceal all those marks or flaws of your skin. But A Wrong Foundation can make your skin look ashy or grey. I can simply destroy your whole looks.

First of all, let us look behind the reason

Why your foundation turns ashy or grey.

  1. Unclean or dirty skin
  2. Wrong foundation
  3. Wrong layering
  4. Primer
  5. Makeup Oxidation


Beginning your makeup on a clear and clean base is very important. Exfoliation cleans out the skin and creates a smooth base for your makeup. You should exfoliate your skin before you apply makeup.



The most important reason why your foundation does not flaunt you can be lying under your skin.

Undertone is the color of the veins underneath your skin. If you don’t know your undertone, then you must be buying the wrong foundation for you and that is why your foundation turns out to look grey.

So how to determine your undertone-

To determine your undertone look at your wrist vein, if your veins appear:

  • Blue or purplish: If your veins appear blue or purplish then you are having a cool undertone.
  • Greenish – If your veins appear green then you are having a warm undertone.
  • Both green and blue: If your veins appear green or blue then you must e have a neutral undertone.

So how to buy a foundation correct for your undertone.

  • If you have warm undertones then consider buying a foundation with a yellowish or golden base.
  • If you have a cool tone then consider buying a pink base.

The shade of your foundation

While buying foundation one of the common mistakes is to buy a foundation of the wrong shade.

Most of the time if you buy a foundation very lighter than your skin color it will surely turn grayish or ashy.

So you should consider your skin tone while buying a foundation. Always take a patch test on your neck… not your wrist…. And buy a foundation that blends just correctly on your skin.

If you are having trouble buying a correct foundation shade for you then try to buy two foundations for you, one of one shade lighter, and another of one shade darker than your skin tone with them you can mix and make your foundation.

The correct type of foundation

Think about it if you have dry skin and you apply a matte foundation how will it look?

Weird… I know!

So always think of your skin type before buying a foundation…

  • If you have dry skin then consider buying foundation water-based foundation or a moisturizing foundation that will give you a dewy and hydrating look.
  • If you are oily skin then consider buying matte foundation this will give you a matte finish and also will give you a matte look and will absorb excess oil.

The wrong layering of the product

Just imagine how weird it will be if you apply a matte foundation over a water-based moisturizer.

Layering the correct moisturizer and the correct foundation is very important to get that look otherwise your makeup will either melt away or will make your skin look dry and patchy.


Primer creates a smooth base for your makeup and also it lasts long. It also avoids smudging of makeup and absorbs the extra oil.

Makeup oxidation

It is a reaction when your makeup changes its color due to contact with oil, the sweat of the body, change of its ph level.

Because of this process, your makeup turns darker, yellowish, or ashy depending on your skin color.

To avoid makeup oxidation use primer, blot your skin, use setting powder or spray.

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