How to delete a discord server?

Delete a discord server

There are two modes of communication- offline and online

Communication done in offline mode is basically through face to face interaction and in-person communication involving people and an environment. However online mode of communication is intended between people through a technical aspect.

Benefits of online mode over offline mode-

– easy access, anywhere, and anytime.

– the vast majority of people can join (even 10k which cannot be sustained in a single room meaning that many rooms and locations can connect)

– It is cost affected.

– any sort of gadget can be used whether it is a phone or laptop.

About discord-

Discord is a server-based program used for connectivity associations on a large scale

It is an American based app created by Microsoft and focuses on connecting people through text messages, video calls, voice mails, and files in private or as part of communities.

Programming languages- JavaScript, react, rust, Elixir

Grab a popcorn whenever you are free and see how it works

On an overview, discord might look difficult to handle at first but it is easy overall and despite that, it is free of cost, unlike most streaming apps. You can join other people’s servers or even make your own server and create a community around it.

How to delete the discord server?

Delete a discord server


First, make sure you want to delete a server and why?

  1. Open discord from your laptop/ PC/ mobile by going onto the app.
  2. Sign in through your email id and password
  3. First, go to server settings by clicking on the server name
  4. There you will find many options such as overview, roles, emoji, integrations. Click on “delete server”
  5. A box will come where you have to write the server name which you wish to delete. For example- “Monica python 360”. Confirm the process of deletion by clicking on “delete server”

These are the 5 simple steps that can be used to delete a discord server. Well done.

Discord has features of even telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Share your experience with other people and build a community around it.

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