[Detailed Guide] Who to follow on Twitter?

Who to follow on Twitter

Twitter the microblogging site, when it started very few would have expected the impact it would have on the world. It is the third most visited website in the world. It is a great way to connect and follow the people you admire and also develop an online personality for yourself.

The people you follow will determine the type of content you will see on your timeline. It will assist you in forming your opinion and staying informed. Here is a short guide to who to follow on your Twitter to get the best out of it:

Politician and leaders

The development of social media platforms has shed away the boundary and hassle to communicate with your representative. You can follow local community leaders to international leaders. You will then have a real-time update of the Responses to the crisis.

Family and friends

Almost every social media platform is developed with the vision to connect people. You remember that friend from your high school with whom you later lost the touch. You can find and follow him on Twitter and get to know about what is going on with his life.
You can also share what is going on with you on your timeline to inform others.

Industry Expert

You can follow top industry expert of any of you interested field. By doing such, you get information about any latest development in that field along with the advice from the experts.
You can be among the first few to know about new opportunities in that field.

Sports and entertainment personality

Almost all top players have an online presence. You can follow your favorite player and interact with the player. When your team is playing against a rival team the real-time tweet from all over the world tagging the players and teams leads to the development of a community. It all just enhance the experience.

You can follow people from the entertainment industry to show your love and support whether they are a big Hollywood superstar or an obscure K-pop singer whom you recently discovered. It is a great mean to explore the new artist and their works.


An influencer is an umbrella term, there are several types of people who come under this head. There are people who are not politicians or experts but still working on the ground level to improve the condition of the society around. Then there are also people who aren’t big celebrity o but still possess the talent to entertain. Following them is a great way to support them.

Twitter is a strong tool, it has the potential to build to carriers or even to shut down carriers so be alert who you follow on it.

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