Anime with sports theme? Here are some!!

anime with sports theme

Sports bring out the best of the emotions of humans. Everybody loves the story of the underdog overcoming its challenge and coming out of the top and sports are full of such stories. Anime series which are based on sports give you chance to relive these moments.

You can watch some anime based on the sport that you really love and want to consume everything related to that sport. While sometimes you simply just watch anime and you get interested in the sport.

An anime series can provide insight into the sport, it can teach about strategy, rules, etc. Here in this article are some of the recommendations for you of anime based on the sport

Inazuma Elevem

A series shows the story of a high school football (soccer) team and their journey from trying to recruit enough players for the team so that the club doesn’t get dissolve to playing against some of the best teams in the country. The show has added some fantastical element to the sport but the basic sport remain the same.

One out

The series revolves around the sport of baseball. The main character is the amateur pitcher who is excellent at it, so good that he never misses his target. At the beginning of the show, he is depicted as a gambler who uses his skill to hustle others, until he comes across a professional batsman who encouraged him to join a professional team. As the shows evolve we get to see how the main character uses his gambling skills to excel at sport and try to win the league.

The drams behind what goes out the field in the shows keep you engaged and leaves you wanting for more.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Anime

Released in 1992 the show is about basketball. It is considered one of the best sports anime ever made. The series shows the battle of egos between the character. If you are someone who has never seen a basketball game and doesn’t even know the rule, don’t worry you can still enjoy the series. In fact, as the show progress, they teach you about the sport.

Some of the other honorary mentions to the list are as follows

  1. CaptainTsubasa

  2. offside

  3. Baki

This series is the total rollercoaster ride, you will find yourself cheering for players and teams. They will keep you glued to your seat.

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