Anime with OP main character!

Anime with OP main character

Everyone likes a badass character in the story. It can be a character who can beat a villain in a sword fight or it can be a smart guy who can predict every move of the opponent. To see a character not just out defeat but crush his opponent is so satisfying in this article we will look at such character.

Here are the contender of the OP main character :

  • Dragon Ball z- Goku

Any list about badass characters cannot be complete without the inclusion of Goku. The Saiyan from another planet is one of the strongest characters in anime. In pop culture, it is often debated that who will win if superman fight against Goku.

  • Death NoteOne Puch Man- Saitama -Light Yagami

From physical strength, we come to mental strength. The character of Light Yagami from the Death is extremely smart. In the series, he was the smartest student in Japan and his mind was so sharp that he predicated and planned every move of the entire police force.

  • One Puch Man- Saitama


The latest addition to the list is the main character from the anime One punch man. He can defeat any villain simply by a single punch. He became a hero out of boredom now he fights monsters from the underworld. The guy has a cyborg assistant who assists him in his fight.

  • Attack on Titan -Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan is one of the latest sensations in the anime world. The main character Erin Yeager has the ability to transform into a titan of his will. When this anime began no one had any idea about how big it will become. The story revolves around the human civilization that has walled itself inside to protect itself from the man-eating titan. As the story develops we find out the history of the place and origin of the titans.

  • Naruto –Itachi

Itachi although not the protagonist in Naruto Shipudden, but a badass character nevertheless. He is among only a few of the character who is both physically and Mentally so superior that no other character even come close to his power. His strength level concerned not only his rival but also his friend.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are so many more characters who are not here added to the list. Feel free to add the list

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