Anime Recommendation for Beginner

Anime Recommendation for Beginner

Have you binged watched every top-rated IMDBs series and movie and now do not have anything good to watch. Do you still carve for good storytelling, drama and actions? The good news for you this article can be the answer to your question. We invite you to the world of anime. It is full of great shows, unique stories ranging over the different genres.

  • Code Geass

Code Geass is popular anime with the story of a rebellion and a superpower. The protagonist is the outcast
price of Britannia who acquired the power of absolute obedience from a mysterious girl. With this power and his friend, he leads a rebellion against the Kingdom.

  • Death note

Anime Recommendation for Beginner Death NoteOne of the highest-rated shonen anime, based on the manga of the same name. It is the story about a high school student who found a notebook that belongs to a creature of a different world. It is a special kind of notebook if any person’s name is written in this notebook that person will die within 40seconds. It is the story of how two highly smart people trying to discover each other’s identity and doing the right thing.

  • Attack on titan

Currently, in its final season, this anime has taken the world by storm. This series is having a final season that Game of Thrones fans expected from that show. When this anime began no one had any idea about how big it will become. The story revolves around the human civilization that has walled itself inside to protect itself from the man-eating titan. As the story develops we find out the history of the place and origin of the titans.

  • Tokyo ghoul

If you are someone who has a stomach for dark themed storyline and gore then Tokyo Ghoul is the series
for you. The series set in a metropolis city where ghouls have bended themselves among the humans. These ghouls are thirsty for human flesh. The show’s protagonist is a young student who got his fleas eaten by ghouls and get turned himself in the ghoul.

  • Seven deadly sins

The story revolves around the seven individuals who each have the power of one of the seven deadly sins, set in a medieval setting this anime has all fights, adventure and drama. It is extremely humorous with characters having fun with each other.

These anime are as good as any Netflix or HBO series you can think of, try any of them and you won’t be able to get back.

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