[Easy steps] How to put a GIF in Discord profile picture?

To set a gif in discord profile picture

To set a gif in Discord profile picture you must be having Discord Nitro nowadays as many VOIP applications are available on the internet among them Discord is becoming popular. It gives the user some amazingly cool features such as chat, talk, listen to music, share memes, and much more cool stuff. Also, Discord keeps their app up to date and adds some new features for users that helps the user to enjoy the app. Discord is mainly used by gamers and with some new features recently Discord also introduced a feature to add the profile picture in gif. 

In this article, I will show you how to set a gif in the profile picture and make your Discord more attractive.

Steps to set the Discord profile in a gif:

  1. First Discord has introduced Discord nitro it allows the extra privilege to the normal users to have more features on Discord. Discord Nitro is a paid in-app purchase that allows some cool stuff provided by Discord and it comes with its price.
    To buy Discord nitro the link is:- https://discordapp.com/nitro
    To set a gif in discord profile picture
  2. Go to the user setting as shown in the image you just need to click on the setting button.
  3. Click edit your profile.
  4. Click on your current profile pic, now wait for file dialogue to appear, and upload any gif which you want to set as a profile pic.

To save the changes it takes some time to affect, you may also need to enter your password while on the edit account page.

The gif feature also may be available to some Discord partners.

Start editing your profile with some cool & amazing features and let us know about our article in the comment box

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