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xQc is also known as xQcOW, though his real name is Felix Lengyel. This 25-year-old Canadian is a popular Twitch Streamer, You Tuber, and former professional Overwatch League. So are too ready to know him more?

xQc is a popular Twitch Streamer and a Social Media Star. He was born on 12 November 1995 in Quebec, Canada. He is a former professional Overwatch player and from there his journey bean. He participated in the Overwatch world cup representing his country Canada.

In 2020, he chooses full-time streaming and streams 9 hours daily on average. Even before this in 2019 he became the most-watched Twitch Streamer and 29th most followed. He streams various games, and also some weird content. And since then accumulated quite several followers.

Let us look at the stats

Number of followers

  • Twitch: 5.7 million
  • YouTube: 1.47 million
  • Instagram: 954,000 Followers
  • Twitter: 337,000 Followers

Why xQc name?

Felix Lengyel

xQc full name is Felix Lengyel. But many of his viewers wonder How xQc got his name? Well, this is no mystery. X of xQc comes from the last alphabet of his real name, and QC comes from the first and last initial of his hometown province Quebec.

How to pronounce xQc name?

Well, it’s not that hard. xQc is simply pronounced as X-Q-C. And his real name is pronounced as FELIKS LAZEL. 

Can xQc still speak French?

xQc is a French Canadian and speaks French.

When will xQc stream today?

xQc Stream Schedule

  • Monday: between 12 AM to 3 PM IST
  • Tuesday- between 12 AM to 2 PM IST
  • Wednesday- between 12 AM to 3 PM IST
  • Thursday: between 12 AM to 3 PM IST.
  • Friday: between 12 AM to 2 PM IST.
  • Saturday: between 2 AM to 3 PM IST.
  • Sunday: between 2 AM to 3 PM IST.

What is xQc net worth?

It is estimated that xQc has a net worth of somewhere between $1.5 – 3 million.

xQc from his Twitch account earns around 1-2 million USD per year. His streams are popular and average watching is somewhat 20,000 per stream. Based on his total followers on Youtube and Twitch accounts he earns over $1 million per year (advertisement) and $135,000 per month respectively.

Recently, xQc has signed with Luminosity gaming as a Content Creator/ Influencer. This will earn him a lot of money for sure.

Who is xQc dating?

Since 2020, xQc is rumored to be in a relationship with his roommate Adept and wondered if xQc dating adept? Though he never confirmed it. But who knew this will come in front of the world like this.

On a normal day, Adept was streaming as usual playing poker at the Diamond Casino & Resort on NoPixel’s GTA RP server. Suddenly xQc came in and unaware of this, he walked behind her, cuddled her, and then lean forward to give two kisses on her forehead.

He didn’t realize that the camera was on and simply his secret came forward in front of a thousand. Adept shyly exclaimed that xQc was unaware of the camera.

Later in the day, xQc finally tweeted: 

“What if I told you we were never just roommates?” along with an embarrassed emoji.

Adept too followed as Tweeted: 

“I felt bad watching so many people trying to map a timeline from when we went from roommates to dating LUL.”

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