Mindfulness: What it is? How to practice it at Home?

Mindfulness: what it is and how to practice mindfulness at home

Your Mind Your Mindset the stage for your ability to heal and manifest during your magical practice. It is the ruler of your magic. • mindset • belief systems • ethics. Internal biases. emotional boundaries • trauma healing

How to practice mindfulness

  • THINK to Breathe in, hold for three counts and exhale. Count BREATHING seven breaths. Kick start your body, mix hot water, lemon once
  • MINDFUL DRINK cayenne pepper. Taste It! When eating, eat, when checking emails, check emails. 
  • DO ONE THING AT A TIME What are two things you.
  • NOTICE you can taste, touch, smell, hear, right now? 
  • SENSES Listen thoroughly and contemplate your
  • DEEP LISTENING response. Turn off all distractions; MINDFUL explore the textures, favors, and temperature.
  • Feel your feet connecting with the ground.
  • MINDFUL WALKING Bring your attention to your body, send the breath to any areas of BODY SCAN TIME tension.

How to do the Ten Minute ResetMindfulness: what it is and how to practice mindfulness at home

Feeling stuck, frustrated, or distracted? Use this daily routine to get back on track.

  1. Put a timer for 10 mins using many clock apps.
  2.  We know the numerous benefits of yoga; it helps to lose weight and calm you down. Put down a yoga mat that will help you a lot.
  3.  Many people like the idea of music, listen to some soothing music and breathe, do meditation. It won’t be easy to meditate at first but do it to calm yourself and calm home; start with 15 mins then move gradually to 30.
  4.  Give yourself 10 minutes of complete attention with no expectations.
  5.  Finish your day with more energy, patience, and kindness.

JOURNAL PROMPTS for a better mindset 

  • Think about what’s going on in your mind right now, whether it is an overwhelming thought or anything.
  • Think about what you need to get off your chest lately; get a clean and clear mindset.
  • Think about ways you can empower yourself and uplift yourself to function daily.
  • Think about what advice you need to give yourself, something that your future self will be proud of and make sure you implement It.
  • What has been going well in my life lately?
  • Think about your vision for the next three years. A long-term goal is fundamental to be thought of.
  • What are my greatest strengths, and how will they support me in achieving my vision?

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