Signs of Anxiety in the Morning – These 22 Positive Affirmations will help U!

Signs of anxiety in the morning
  • Dreading the day to come: you are so worried of might happen that you are anxious all the team, and you are dreading the day to come because of the unknown. 
  • Fixating on the one thing you’re worried about (e.g., a presentation) and not being able to bring awareness to anything else: having so much anxiety about a test or exam or presentation that you are getting symptoms such as puking or shivering. You are focused on only one goal and end up neglecting your mental health and physical health. 
  • Going through your schedule to analyze if anything, in particular, may trigger your anxiety: you are so afraid of anxiety itself and the fear of the unknown. Thinking that what may go wrong and trigger your panic attacks. All of this is related to morning anxiety. 
  • Fixating on the “worst-case scenario” of something important on that day, for example, “If I don’t do well in this presentation I’ll get fired, I’ll become homeless, and everyone will leave me”: basically thinking about all the negative things in life and focusing on them only. Focusing on what could go wrong.
  • Feeling already trapped by your responsibilities and commitments: you become overwhelmed because of so much going on. In this case, it is best to take a break and prioritize what is needed. Work pressure is difficult for everyone to deal with and can make you very hyper.
  • Doubting your abilities to complete the day’s tasks: Anxiety comes when there are many self-doubts. You are judging your capabilities and don’t know yourself and what you can achieve. A sense of low self-esteem and underestimating oneself. Don’t take up too many tasks if you are not sure if you can finish them.
  • Criticizing yourself as you’re already struggling and you haven’t started the day yet Overthinking a mistake you made yesterday and wondering if anyone will bring it up today: overthinking about any argument you had or any situation that you were into where you couldn’t do your best or if that’s what you think that you couldn’t do your best. Again a common sign of morning anxiety.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety & Depression 

Signs of anxiety in the morning

  1. I love myself
  2. I love every part of myself because everything has a higher purpose
  3. I love my strengths, and I nourish them at every opportunity 
  4. I have the inner power, and I am powerful 
  5. I have the power to change how I feel in every moment
  6. I love my body
  7. I nourish my body with the healthiest foods and drinks 
  8. I actively seek my purpose in my life 
  9. I am unique, and I have a unique purpose
  10. The world is a better place because I am here
  11. I am safe
  12. I am at peace
  13. I live in the moment
  14. I am beautiful
  15. I am happy and joyful
  16. I allow myself to experience life
  17. I am free
  18. I forgive myself
  19. I forgive others
  20. I am grateful
  21. I am humble
  22. I see my beauty

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