MedLite Laser Facial! All you need to know about this treatment.

MedLite Laser

We all have heard of various facials & face treatments that help us with good skin maintenance. Still, we all know that the treatments done through dermats are the most trustworthy and reliable ones, as they do more good to the skin than the regular parlor facials. Today we are going to talk about one of such treatments called Medlite Laser Facial.

Medlite Laser:- Medlite laser is one of the most popular dermatology procedures available today. Medlite laser is used on all skin types and skin colors. It can be used for body pigmentation and tattoo removal as well. Medlite laser is mostly used to treat uneven skin, discoloration, suntan, acne scars, large facial pores, freckles, and melasma treatment. It also reduces the appearance of unwanted hairs.

Procedure:- The process is done on a bare clean face and eyes are covered with glasses. In this, the laser shots are given on the entire face. The patient will only experience a little tingling sensation during the procedure, it is painless and a rapid process that requires just 15-20 min for a face. The time duration will differ if it is for some other targeted area like tattoo removal or body pigmentation.

Benefits of Medlite Laser Facial:-

  1. Medlite Laser Facial is like skin regeneration and its renewal.
  2. It removes the dead skin cells and targets it is from within.
  3. It stimulates the collagen production, which restores volume in the skin, giving it a youthful glow.
  4. Along with that skin gets a clear complexion with almost no pigmentation left.
  5. It does wonders for wrinkles and fine lines which is a common sign of skin ageing.
  6. It’s a very safe procedure with no side effects
  7. Face/skin looks much better than any regular facials or skin treatments are done without dermats.

Results & Duration:-

Before and After MedLite Laser

Usually, the results depend from person to person depending on skin condition and its type. Still, for any normal skin to get the desired effect, usually, one to two sittings will be enough. But for deep pigmentation, can take much more time. Its very effective from the first procedure itself with a very noticeable difference.

The duration of a gap for the second sitting/procedure is usually 1.5 months; this period allows us to know the amount of pigmentation that is faded before performing the second procedure.

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