Is Working Out in the Afternoon Effective?

Is working out in the afternoon effective?

Everyone knows exercise is beneficial for health, but with our busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time for exercise. Some believe one should exercise in the morning, some prefer working out in the evening. People consequently give excuses to find time for their fitness. So stop, don’t make excuses whole day is long enough to take care of your health.

But you might be wondering which the best time to work out is? Is working out in the afternoon effective? Let us find answers to these

Decide your Motive of Working Out

First of all, define your motive behind your workout. People generally do different exercises for different motives, some want to burn fat, stay healthy, stress-free, or work out to build some muscles.

Exercising at a different time of the day gives different benefits, so you should define your goals beforehand.

Working out in the morning is ideal for burning fat, the afternoon is good for a rigorous and intense workout, and nighttime exercise is good for stress relief.

Still, confused? Let us see these in detail…


Working out in the morning is best for burin excess fat, consequently making it ideal for weight loss.  In the morning your body has elevated levels of cortisol and hormones which are involved in metabolism therefore your body draws more energy from fat storage. Moreover, morning exercise is better for mental health, stress buster and productivity.


So if you are a late bird…don’t worry. You can do it after your lunch, during this time your blood sugar levels are at a peak and can help to workout intensely. It can help you to avoid the end of the day tiredness.


So what about after-work exercise, A stress-relieving exercise like yoga or stretching exercise can help you with good sleep.

So what’s your goal for working out?

Is working out in the afternoon effective?

Well in the busy schedule it’s almost impossible for a person to squeeze in an even tiny amount of time for your fitness. But here is great news for you: You can even work during your office hours. Yes utilize the time after your lunch and start exercising.

It could be anything from walking to playing volleyball. Just find your favorite sport and start playing it. But are they effective? Well yes, an Afternoon workout can be beneficial for you. How? Here are some benefits of afternoon exercises:

More energy

After you ate your lunch, your blood glucose level rises and hence provides your body more energy.

Therefore you can utilize this energy by doing some vigorous workout like HIIT or speed workout on a treadmill. This energy will boost your performance. Your body is also 20% more flexible and your heartbeat is lower, therefore, decreasing the risk of injury.


Whole-day mess and end-of-the-day tiredness are enough to make a person’s life and mood hell! But a workout in the afternoon can blow off the steam and can make you a more productive and happy person. Exercising between office hours can help a person to lower stress and blood pressure and increase their efficiency and focus. Even a walk can make your day.

Workout harder

An afternoon workout can help to reach your highest potential of exercising. Your body is having an adept amount of energy after lunch; you can use this energy to lift some heavyweights. Moreover, your lungs are also at their peak efficiency, therefore, you can also try some endurance workouts.

Less risk of injuries

In the afternoon your muscles are 20% more flexible and limber, therefore you can exercise even a bit harder than to you will be less likely to injure yourself.

Best time to workout

If you will ask me which is ideal and the best time to exercise, morning exercise would win. Working out in the morning means you will have a pack of energy that will last up to a whole day. Your brain capacity and level of focus also increase. Besides these, a morning workout can help you to lower your stress levels, boost your memory capacity, and help you to lose some stubborn fat.

But you should choose your ideal time for working out. Just set your goals and start rolling. No more excuses from now….

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