How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone blocks you. If you have some strong suspicion about someone you haven’t heard from in a while, this is where you can check if they blocked you on Instagram.

You can find third-party tools that advertise that they will notify you if someone blocks you, but these barely work.

So what does it do? Good old fashion detective work. To find out if you have been blocked on Instagram, follow the steps below.

Let’s start with the investigation. Open the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android phone and tap the “Search” icon to go to the “Browse” page.

Here you touch the “Search” bar. Try to find the ID of the person’s Instagram account. If you can’t find the user, you may have blocked them.

A sure and definitive way to know if you’ve been blocked is to find your way to your profile page in the Instagram app. Now you clearly can’t access it through search anymore.

However, you can do this from old comments or an Instagram DM conversation. If you can see the Instagram name or icon, tap on it. This action opens your profile.

When Instagram says something like “This account is private”, it just means that they switched to a private account and removed you as a follower. You can try following them again to earn their favor.

However, if the Instagram application says something like “No posts yet” and does not show the profile bio or follower information, it means that it is blocked. You can view a “User not found” banner.

You can also confirm this by viewing the person’s Instagram profile on the web. If you remember your Instagram ID, please add it to the end of the link “”.

If Instagram tells you that the page does not exist, it is possible that they have blocked or deleted their profile.

Unable to open the URL of the Instagram profile that blocked you

It is possible that a piece of information is not enough to recognize it. However, if you followed all of the above and were unable to access your profile, it probably means that you have been blocked.

If you really want to be sure, you can ask a friend to find their Instagram ID. If your friend can access their profile (whether public or private) and you cannot, it is quite clear that you have been blocked.

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