How Mental Health affect Physical Health?

How mental health affect physical health

Mental health is a serious matter it affects day to day routine of individuals. It not only affects the cognitive ability but also affects the physical health and appearance of the person. You must have seen or experience how stress sucks out the light out of one’s face.

Physical health and mental health are interconnected with each other. Poor physical health could lead to deterioration of mental health. While Poor mental health makes it difficult to make an informed decision about your physical health.


Mental health affects the life span of an individual drastically. Any mental ailment from depression to advance level schizophrenia affects the longevity of the person. Person suffering from

In fact, the Mental Health Foundation reported that schizophrenia is associated with a tripled risk of dying from respiratory disease and a doubled risk of dying from a form of heart disease. Depression has been linked to a 50 percent increase in a person’s risk of dying from cancer and a 67 percent increase from heart disease. These conditions have a significant impact on life expectancies.

Heart diseases
Heart Diseases How Mental Health affect Physical Health?

Bad mental health could lead to heart diseases in life. Studies have shown that depression is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease. People with mental health problems are not attentive to their physical health. They don’t go for a regular checkup or take care of their diet. it all adds up and manifests itself in form of heart disease.


It is an autoimmune condition disease triggered by stress. It manifests itself in the red flaky sores on the skin of the person. It is chronic in long term. It develops as an itchy spot on the skin at joints.

How to balance?


Exercising and working not only improve your physical health but also provide a boost to mental health. Start with small goals, 10 pushups, jogging 5km, lifting a small weight. Set daily targets and try to achieve it. This will provide you a sense of achievement and give you raise your self-esteem.

Proper meals

Meals are an important part of the metabolism process. They determine the extent of chemical reactions and hormones of the body. It is directly related to physical health and mood. Eat a nutritious meal, drink plenty of water. If you have trouble staying hydrated and avoiding vitamin deficiencies, vitamin infusion in Detroit can help. Nutrients and hydrating IV fluids are delivered directly to the bloodstream, ensuring your body enjoys the full benefits. Avoid smoking. A healthy body house a healthy mind.


It is extremely important to take care of the physical and mental health. Ignoring either one of them can lead to some major illness in your life. A healthy balance is required to sustain a healthy life.

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