How to reactivate Instagram account in 3 simple steps


Instagram is one of the most used social media apps gaining popularity each day. While you are busy scrolling your Instagram feeds and enjoying reels it may get a little addictive in some cases and so it might sometimes become essential to get on an Instagram detox. Always remember that deactivating your Instagram account will cause no harm to your data but once you have deleted your account you cannot restore your data and there is no going back. Hence it is advisable to choose wisely before you do any of them.

However, once you get done with your much-needed break it will just take a few simple steps to get started and get scrolling.

3 simple steps in which you can reactivate your account within seconds –

Step 1: Go to Instagram app on your device

Step 2: Log in to your Instagram account using the right credentials

Step 3: Click on; “login” and you are back on Instagram!

Once you log in, Instagram might take you through a series of instructions and update you with the recent policies. You may also be required to verify the registered number or email id to make sure your account is safe.

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