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What is Technology? How has it changed our lives?

Technology alludes to the utilization of apparatuses, machines, materials, systems, and capacity to make work simpler and increasingly profitable. While science is worried about seeing how and why things occur, technology manages to get things going.

Development and tech go hand in hand. The stage of development the human being has arrived at could have been possible without the advancement in technology. But, The radical change and advancement in the economy, as we observe today, is the result of modern tech.


Technology has achieved proficiency and quality in the assembling area. Technical progression has decreased the hazard associated with assembling endeavors. There has been an enormous improvement in the field of well-being the world over not just the normal time of individuals has expanded yet the death rate has additionally declined impressively.

Technology Innovations

This could be conceivable simply because of innovative headway in the health sector. There is maybe no part of human life that has not been influenced by innovation. Agricultural, industry, politics, health, teaching, art, entertainment, religious exercises, and day by day life exercises all are affected by technology.

How has it Influenced on Humans?

In any case, it is critical to remember that technological progression has influenced human life both emphatically just as adversely. Not just that life has turned out to be simple and agreeable, there are likewise signs of a few dangers to life and society later on because of abuse of current technology.

The nature and degree of advancement of human culture are at peak and now it’s going down. Sustainability is a big question now. This has happened just because of the nonsensical utilization of technology.

Different Improvements

It has been talked about here regarding how improvement – monetary just as social – happens with the progression of tech however not without leaving a scar to undermine the human culture. The improvement of tech which itself is symptomatic of advancement has achieved financial improvement as well as radical changes in the social and social circles of society.


Technology shapes the future and it can help to make it compatible with nature. It can help us to develop clean energy, transport possibilities with fewer emissions, and low-energy houses to save resources.

Technology is not only about itself it’s about more efficiency and discovering new methods and processes; we have to add the component of art which is about making wise choices for the future of technology. We should not develop tech because of no reason, but to develop it, because it adds value to society and simplifies human life. And remember: There are no side effects – they are part of the technology.

Side effects of Technology

Yes, side effects are but there’s tech in work to eliminate these effects because everyone wants to be perfect the same is with technology. If your eyes are getting damaged from the screen then there’s a technical solution to that also, just turn on the eye saving mode. So, everything has some negative effects but technology is the only thing which we can use again against its own side effects.

Final words

So, it’s totally upon the people who use it, for what they are using it, how they are using it. These factors decide whether technology is good or bad. Just as grapes are healthy for us but if given to alcoholic people they make wine from it. The same is with tech if given to doctors they can save our lives but if given to terrorists they will kill us.

So, we have to decide on our own how we should be using technology.


How to build Messenger Bots ?

Facebook announced few ago years the arrival of bots on its messaging platform Messenger and since then it has proved it’s worth again and again for brands.

Chatbots are being now used by almost every company to improve it’s customer service.

So, the question which will be coming to your minds right now will be what are these bots. Basically these bots offer a way to organise customer service functions. Instead of waiting on hold to speak up with an agent, customers can chat to a bot to get answers to some pretty basic questions.

Customers can simply click “Message” button on your page and can start interacting with a bot. With right chatbot in place, virtually any customer interaction can take place and automated in messenger.

Why bot’s are important?

Chatbots are now a most important component of marketing as it keeps care of customer interaction and customer satisfaction is important in marketing.

  • Bot reduces workload for staff so they can solve more serious issues
  • They are available for 24/7/365, even when your staff is not there
  • Letting customer get answers quickly and easily, increasing convenience for them

How to get started?

You must be thinking it will be too hard because you need to learn coding and what all but no now bot’s can be build by anyone.

Tools like Chatfuel makes your work easy where you can just make and deploy a both within 7 minutes.

First requirement is that you need a basic or well ready Facebook page.

  1. Sign Up for Chatfuel

First step is to visit and click “Get Started For Free” button on the homepage and it will ask you to login using your Facebook account and after that it will ask you to grant access to your to access your public profile and email address.

  1. Link your Page

After you have successfully connected your Facebook page the next step is to link your page for which you want to build the bot. Click “Connect” button showing on your dashboard to link your page.

Now real work starts. 
  1. Create a greeting

You have to show your customers that how mannered your bot is and to show he inherited some good manners from your brand ideology what’s best then greeting with them a nice message.

  • Go back to your Facebook page and click Settings -> Messaging
  • Set the Show a Messenger Greeting switch to Yes
  • Click Change
  • Enter your welcome message into the box, and click Save

Now whenever someone clicks “Message” they will be greeted with the messaged which you have written there.

  1. Create a welcome message

Whenever a session get’s initiated your user will be shown a welcome message. This is where you can greet them more personally.

  • In your Chatfuel dashboard, click Welcome Message
  • Add your desired copy to the box—for example, “Hi {{first name}}, how can I help you?”

That’s it now if you want you can test it yourself to be foolproof.

  1. Create a default reply

Sometimes even chatbot get’s question out of the course and they won’t be knowing what to answer so instead of keeping it blank give it a default answer which it’ll be sending every time they get a out of the course question.

  • In your Chatfuel dashboard, click the Default Answer
  • Change the placeholder text to something more friendly (“Sorry, I’m still learning the ropes. Please try again!”)

Your changes are saved.

  1. Make most of the AI

The true power of chatbots lie in their “Artificial Intelligence” mechanism to fully understand the customers. This software uses keywords to train the AI.

  • From the Chatfuel dashboard, select Set Up AI -> Add AI Rule
  • Enter a keyword that you expect your customers to use like ‘Order’ in the If User Says Something Similar To box
  • In the accompanying Bot Replies with Text box, enter a useful reply like “All orders over $10 qualify for free shipping. You can find out more about our shipping policies here,” along with a link to your shipping info page.
  • Keep repeating this process for as many keywords as you like. Because these changes are made in real time, you can test chatbot responses as you go.
  1. Add a Message button on your Page

Here are steps to add “Message” button on your page.

  • Go back to Facebook and click Add a Button
  • In the popup window, select Contact You and Send Message
  • When asked where the button should send people, select Messenger
  • The Send Message button is now displayed on your page—try clicking it to launch your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

It’s done now you start experimenting with your bot and keep your customers happy.